While the production and supply of low and medium resolution data, software, training all need to be maintained and improved, the real value lies in their integrated use in various applications in Africa. Depending on the needs, these are coupled with higher resolution, local and in situ data sources, whereby different analysis techniques are combined to monitor mainly agriculture and forests, detect anomalies such as droughts or abnormal crop production, leading to targeted applications in early warnings on food security and in the insurance sector.
This work is of course underpinned with research on the methodologies, data production algorithms and validation, including the supervision of PhD and Master studies, with VITO acting as co-promotor (e.g. offering the opportunity to work at VITO for a few months).
For more detailed information on these topics, look here for reports, case studies and other documents.




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Assessment of crop condition, crop development and detection of anomalies throughout the growing season based on 
spatio-temporal analysis of satellite imagery time series.
Integrating field data, high and medium resolution data to improve the detection of cropland in Africa​. Analysis of changes in vegetation condiction of forests and other natural vegetation areas based on similar techniques as for the crop monitoring. Case studies in combination with high resolution data to further investigate the detected changes.​ Comparing different anomaly detection and crop damage assessment techniques to contribute to risk information for the insurance sector.
The developed indicators combine the time series of low/medium and spatial detail of high resolution data.