Earth Observation techniques are commonly used for food security monitoring (early warning) and management of agriculture, forests and natural resources. This sites provides an overview of a number of projects and efforts aiming to strengthen Africa's sustainable development. These projects all encompass one of more of the core activities:
  • Starting from reliable, low cost provision of satellite data, linking to important EU efforts for global land data production such as GMES Land, MARS and the Land Surface Analysis SAF;
  • Building on and sustaining existing capacities, through training efforts, software provision, stakeholder involvement and direct user support (e.g. help desks)
  • To developing integrated applications and research related to implementing, validating and refining the EO indicators used therein.
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Satellite data from low resolution sensors such as MODIS, MERIS, MSG and VEGETATION can be used for time series analysis, monitoring of natural resources, early warning etc.
A series of free software, manuals and tutorials, used during the training sessions and workshops.
An overview of the workshops and training sessions  organized at frequent intervals at various locations in Europe and Africa. And download of the training materials used.
An overview of case studies, applications and supported PhD studies wthat make use of time series of low resolution satellite data, relevant for e.g. early warning and natural resources management.